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LitecoinCasinoUSA helps guide you to a safe time gambling online. If you like blackjack you'll really like this page. I am a blackjack player too!

Many crypto casinos offer litecoin blackjack games to play and win Litecoins (LTC). See our top rated Litecoin casinos here.

The best thing about blackjack today is the free blackjack apps and free mobile casinos. There's plenty of really good casino game options that are free to play so I suggest skipping the real money casinos and going straight to the mobile casino games you can play and enjoy free entertainment. Lately I have been spending most of my time playing blackjack on a free 6 deck shoe game. Its one of a few free mobile casino games on GambleRock that I like to play for blackjack fun online.

Double Deck vs 6 Deck Blackjack

Many players prefer to play double deck blackjack because its much easier to count cards in double deck than it is in a 6 or 8 deck shoe game. While this is the case in land based casinos its not the case with internet casinos. This is because on the web the gaming software shuffles the deck of cards before each hand dealt out to the players. So you can't count cards in double deck blackjack online.

I've played so much 21 in my lifetime that it could probably match that of what 5,000 people do in their lifetimes (I'm absolutely guesstimating on that figure of course), but you get my point. I've actually played far too much blackjack and it got too expensive. I made a lot of money at first but that quickly changed when the casinos learned who I was and how I play blackjack differently than other players.

I can count cards and play blackjack very well (an understatement). That doesn't matter though because I am well known by all of the casinos. They know that I'm a gambler too (addictive personality type) and that I don't come to the casino for money. I always go there for fun so they sort of allow me to have fun, but not really.

I actually get more frustrated at the casino these days than I do have fun. Part of that is knowing that I have to deal with undercover casino security posing as players. They throw darts at me from a distance & sometimes up close. Whatever the case may me, in the end I gamble for 24 hours straight sometimes and when I do that (or anyone does that), the casino always wins (well... almost always...). So I find myself leaning towards free gambling games now 95% of the time.

If you want to make money at the casino then you better get lucky and leave right away. Its really the only way to make real serious cash at a casino.

If you hang out there all day long, week after week you will lose money. The casino will make sure of it, I promise you.

If you visit the casino occasionally and you hope to make money on your next visit you probably do have a true fair chance to win. But you still have to get lucky and leave early. Remember that!

Casino regulars are usually gambling addicts and in my opinion most casinos take advantage of them with rigged games and undercover security teams.

That is why I prefer to play free blackjack games these days. Why should I worry about casino security and how much money might potentially be lost when I can play some really sick (good) blackjack games free all day?

Try Las Vegas Style Blackjack from TapTapBoom LTD. You can download it free on the App Store if you have an iPhone.

Personally I am an Android user so the 21 app I play the most of the time is this blackjack app from Super Lucky Casino. Get it for free download on android smartphones at Google's Play website.

If you really insist on playing real blackjack online then just please be careful and be sure that you find a fair and legit casino to wager with. Most online casinos are legitimate as long as they don't have a lot of complaints about them and they're at least a couple of years old.

Always check carefully with Google to see if the casino has been considered blacklisted or rouge. Only bet real money with gambling web sites that are well established and have really good reviews written about them by real players just about anywhere you look on the internet. If you choose a trustworthy casino you should be fine. But consider my argument for playing free casino games, its the better option in my opinion.

Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

If you would like to play blackjack games on the internet with the hope of winning money then take a read through before making a deposit with an online casino. The website was created by Benjamin Ogden, one of the world's oldest iGaming affiliates and a 27 year expert blackjack player.

Learn blackjack rules, strategy articles and find casinos where you can play blackjack online for real at top rated internet casinos. On you can also play a free blackjack game powered by NetEnt software. You must be 21 years of age or older to play.

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