Try Blackjack Stats Pro

Blackjack Stats released a new service to online gambling advertisers called BJ Stats PRO. The service allows internet gambling brand to publish their content on the website reaching a targeted audience of blackjack players. is an affiliated site of Litecoin Casino USA.

This is one of the first times I’ve seen an online gambling blogging and forum posting marketing service like this although there could be some other that already exist, not sure about that. I created it to offer affordable advertising to quality gambling publishers.

It will be interesting to see if BJ Stats Pro gets many subscribers. Users will be able to publish blog articles, photos, videos and participate on the BJ Stats groups section. Your content must meet them content requirements guidelines to keep the site up to speed with the latest industry developments. is an old domain with a good history so its great to see it reborn again even if I am biased. You can read more about the new service in this recent blog post titled Join BJ Stats Pro.

Blackjack Stats Pro membership provides iGaming advertising services at an affordable rate to make the service available to everyone in the casino affiliate marketing business.

BJstats is also a useful players guide to playing blackjack online. Visit BJ Stats to learn blackjack rules, strategy and how to play blackjack.

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